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About Us

We are California's largest medical marijuana landlord. Our tenants are professional, mid to large-scale growers with a commitment to responsible professional cultivation. 


Heavy Power Properties (HPP) brings a professional approach to the real estate needs of the rapidly evolving indoor marijuana cultivation industry.  We focus exclusively on providing industrial properties in California that are tailored to the needs of indoor marijuana cultivation.  HPP has a strong reputation in the indoor cultivation industry and only leases to professional cultivators whom are completely compliant with California State and local laws.  HPP has no involvement with marijuana or in indoor cultivation other than leasing our highly tailored industrial spaces to tenants.



Our success is based on providing only well-suited real estate product to our tenants. We own and lease buildings that are exceptionally well suited for this use and we choose our tenants carefully. Our commitment to discreet, secure, high power properties located in compliant areas of California has given us an unmatched track record of success – and, in turn, our tenants are some of the most successful cultivators in the medical marijuana industry.



Our tenants are highly experienced professional marijuana cultivators. We require our tenants to have all the required legal filings complete, show proof of ability to cultivate responsibly, have long term relationships with their supply chain and their key employees, have no pertinent outstanding or prior legal issues, and to use only licensed contractors for their improvements and build-out. We inspect all improvements and work with our tenants to make sure that their buildings are safe, compliant, secure and discreet.


We have provide well-suited, fully powered real estate properties to the lawful cultivation industry. 

Our team of real estate professionals has in-depth experience with the medical marijuana industry. We understand marijuana cultivation and the rapidly changing legal environment and we have the management, financing and construction experience required for successfully building these industry specific spaces. The team at Heavy Power Properties takes a hands-on operational approach to managing our existing sites as well as acquiring and repositioning our future industrial real estate assets.


If you are interested in learning more about Heavy Power Properties, please contact us by email at

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